Local government sharing historic images

20 December 2016

A new website for historic aerial photos is a great example of local government working to share public data, says Deputy Chief Executive Location Information Jan Pierce.

The Local Government Geospatial Alliance’s (LGGA) Retrolens.co.nz shares aerial images taken across the country as far back as the 1930s.

“These images are from the Crown historic aerial photo archive. Land Information New Zealand has been working with local government to digitally scan them, and it’s great to see the LGGA take the next step and make them available online,” says Ms Pierce.

“Aerial imagery shows us how, over time, our land has changed and our towns and cities have grown. It can be used to identify previous land uses, and to do archaeology and research. Aerial imagery is also proving to be useful resource in Kaikoura earthquake recovery efforts.”

“The government is keen to see our publicly held data made available and accessible wherever possible. LINZ makes much of property and mapping data available online through its LINZ Data Service, and it’s excited to see local government playing an increasingly important role in this space too."

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