3 March 2017

The Overseas Investment Office (OIO) has granted consent to Orange Lakes (NZ) Ltd to acquire the lease for Hunter Valley Station. The owner of the land remains the Crown.

The Commissioner of Crown Lands (Commissioner) is yet to grant consent to the transfer of the leasehold interest to Orange Lakes. More information about pastoral leases is available in the attachment below. Orange Lakes need the consent of the Commissioner of Crown Lands to complete the acquisition of the lease.

In addition to the Commissioner, other authorities such as the Department of Conservation will need to grant consent for access to other parts of the station. 

Public access

Orange Lakes has consulted with interested parties. Whilst the OIO has no role in this consultation or any negotiations around public access, it can impose conditions on any access arrangements that the applicant has agreed to support.

Orange Lakes has agreed to support and facilitate public access to several important sites on the Land however the Commissioner ultimately has to grant consent to any public access arrangements.  

Hunter Valley Station is a working farm which impacts public access.

Orange Lakes has satisfied the criteria of the overseas investment legislation in demonstrating that the investment is likely to benefit New Zealand – public access facilitation is one of the benefits likely to result from the proposed investment.

The Commissioner will make an independent decision on whether to consent to any proposed use of the land (including public access proposals) and will assess separate applications on that against set criteria.

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Last Updated: 3 March 2017

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