Landwrap March 2017

14 March 2017

Issue 133

This month we inform you about missing buttons and Title Search Wizard problems fixed; April deadline for the 2015 Land Transfer Tax Statement; Landonline upgrade planned for 2017; using an existing restrictive area boundary for a new restrictive area parcel; digital cadastre for Christchurch realigned.

Missing buttons and Title Search Wizard problems fixed

Lawyers and conveyancers

We’ve fixed problems with missing buttons and the Titles Search wizard.

Following reports from some Titles customers, we’ve fixed the following problems:

  • the bottom row of buttons not displaying in the Prepare Tax Statement Edit and Tax Preview windows – this was only an issue for computers with low resolution settings
  • an error displaying when using the Title Search Wizard screen

For remaining known issues for Titles customers see Known Issues for e-dealing.

April deadline for the 2015 Land Transfer Tax Statement

Lawyers and conveyancers

From 3 April 2017, lawyers and conveyancers will be unable to enter data collected on the 2015 Land Transfer Tax Statement.

We encourage you to use the new statement (2017 format) for collecting data from your customers if you are not already doing so.

Read more about the deadline

Landonline Upgrade Planned for 2017

All Landonline users

LINZ is planning an upgrade to Landonline later this year – an important step in making sure it remains up to date and reliable.

The upgrade will not affect the way you use the system, but updates a part of the infrastructure that supports Landonline. LINZ is currently piloting the upgrade with a small number of customers, and will develop plans for rolling it out to all other customers. LINZ will provide further updates closer to this time.

Using an existing restrictive area boundary for a new restrictive area parcel


We’d like to remind surveyors that Rule 19 (Use of existing unit and lease parcel boundaries) only applies to existing unit and lease boundaries – not existing restrictive area boundaries. Recently we’ve received a number of CSDs that include the adoption of existing restrictive area parcel boundaries that are not adequately defined where they are internal to the underlying parcel.

Where existing restrictive area boundaries comply with the RCS 2010 they may be adopted from the CSD that created them. However, where they don’t comply they must be re-established in the same position by a method to ensure compliance with applicable accuracy standards.

More information is available on pages 137 to 139 of the Interpretation guide to Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010.

Digital cadastre for Christchurch Realigned


We’ve realigned the digital cadastre for parts of Christchurch that were significantly impacted by the 2010-2013 earthquake. This means that in these areas the digital cadastre represented in the Landonline spatial view is as consistent as practicable with post-earthquake location of property boundaries.

Map showing the targeted areas that have now been realigned

The map shows, in blue, the areas that were realigned. The red areas are classified as ‘Red Zone’ areas and are shown to provide context.

Read more about realigning the cadastre in Christchurch