31 March 2017

Technology company Groundtruth Ltd has used LINZ’s free geographic information to create a new tool in the fight against predators. Developed with support from WWF New Zealand, their free Trap.NZ app is an easy way to map and record information on pest control networks.

Chief Technology Officer Daniel Bar-Even says that users can enter details about their traps into the Trap.NZ app when they are out in the field. It will map the traps and, as they check them, show which are catching the most stoats, rats and other predators.

“The information recorded and mapped in Trap.NZ makes it easy for groups to see how their predator control is going and target efforts to where predator populations are highest. Users can also share these maps with others if they choose, so groups can pool resources,” says Daniel.

LINZ’s mapping data, aerial imagery and other geographic data has been a useful resource in creating the app. This is available to download for free on the LINZ Data Service.

“The information about your traps is overlaid on LINZ base maps.  So you could, for example, see heat maps of where catches are happening on LINZ aerial imagery or on Topo50 maps.”

 “The Trap.NZ system also integrates with radio sensor driven traps.  If a trap is sprung - you can immediately see where this is happening on your map.”

Trap.NZ is now used by over 380 project groups throughout New Zealand. In the first month of 2017, it had recorded over 22,000 pests killed over the past year.

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Brush-tailed Possum by Andrew Mercer / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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