1 March 2017

The Minister for Statistics and Land Information, Mark Mitchell has agreed to move the Open Government Information and Data Programme from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) to Statistics New Zealand.

The move is a result of our two organisations sitting down and looking at the best way for government to keep the momentum going.

We reviewed the significant progress that LINZ has made with open data, encouraging and supporting government agencies, Crown organisations and local authorities to make their data more freely available.

We decided that Statistics New Zealand was best placed to take this work forward, given its lead on data, information and analytics.

Statistics New Zealand has data at its core and the Open Data Programme aligns with its vision ‘to unleash the power of data to change lives’. The Open Data responsibilities will also build on the new Data and Analytics leadership role Statistics NZ has been asked to take on in support of the Better Public Services #2 work programme.

The Open Data Programme aligns well with the Centre of Excellence proposal developed by Statistics NZ, which seeks to provide better system level co-ordination and cohesion across Government data activities.

The transfer of the Open Government Information and Data Programme will take place over the next few months.

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