Landonline - issues

1 September 2017

Landonline issues and latest release information.

Error messages at signing

We are aware that some customers are experiencing error messages when certifying and signing, and we are investigating this issue. We will provide a further update when this is resolved.

Signing can fail for a range of reasons, so you are best to contact Customer Support in the first instance at 0800 665 463 or

If the reason is not obvious, they may need to take you though the following process – note that this can take some time and you will need administrative privileges for your computer.


Landonline Upgrade

We have moved to an improved platform for Landonline. This will mean that you will no longer see the two logon options on the Landonline home page that we introduced in June.

If you’ve already used the second logon we introduced in June, than you’ll be familiar with this new platform and the improved performance it offers.

If you have yet to try it and you’re a signing user, you may need to download and re-install DigiSign software before you can use the new platform. Read Instructions on how to install DigiSign.


Landonline Release 3.16

Landonline Release 3.16 was carried out over the weekend 8 - 9 July 2017 as part of maintenance for Landonline. It also included some improvements to A&I forms, and a new Automated Schedule/Memorandum of Easements option.

More information is available on the Landonline Releases and System Updates page


New cadastral rules for greater Christchurch

The Surveyor-General has made new cadastral rules specifically for cadastral surveys in greater Christchurch.  The Cadastral Survey Amendment Rules 2017 introduces Rule 20 which was gazetted on 2 March. The new rule will come into force on 24 April 2017. 

The amendment can be viewed and downloaded from

The new rules do not affect Landonline. 

Read about the updated information for surveyors


Landonline Release 3.15

Landonline Release 3.15 was carried out over the weekend of 10 December 2016.

This release allows you to enter information from the latest version of the Land Transfer Tax Statement.

More information is available on the Landonline Releases and System Updates page.

Download latest version of the Land Transfer Tax Statement

Notice for Landonline customers using Microsoft Vista and XP

As you may be aware, Microsoft intends to withdraw extended support for Vista on 11 April 2017, and withdrew extended support for Microsoft XP in April 2014.

While we try to warn users if we become aware that any changes to Landonline are likely to block XP or Vista, we will no longer be testing for XP or Vista compatibility, so there is risk that your access could be blocked if you continue to use them.

If you are still using Microsoft Vista or XP, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to a later operating system.

To help, we provide guidance on the operating systems recommended for use with Landonline (see below). Landonline technical support is offered to customers using these operating systems.

Last Updated: 24 January 2018