Landwrap September 2017

4 September 2017

Issue 137

This month we have updates about a review of the Rules for Cadastral Survey, changes to the process for replacing survey records, as well as error messages at signing.


Landonline Unavailable on 30 September 2017

All Landonline users

Landonline will be unavailable on Saturday 30 September 2017 so we can carry out our annual disaster recovery testing. The test does not make any changes to Landonline.

This is an annual test of our ability to switch to a backup system for Landonline in the event of an emergency. While it does mean Landonline will be unavailable for a short time, the test is vital in making sure property transactions could still continue in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency. 


Review of the Rules for Cadastral Survey 

All Landonline users

On the 10th of August the Surveyor-General announced a review of the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 was underway. The review will include a three stage consultative process with surveyors and other interested parties.

As part of stage one, the Surveyor-General is now seeking initial feedback from surveyors on the issues the review may consider. An Issues and Opportunities paper has been prepared which outlines issues identified from information received to date and is available online until 4 October. Workshops have also been scheduled in the main centres throughout September to gather feedback.   

As part of the workshops, LINZ will also provide a progress update and next steps for the ASaTS project which will replace Landonline, and the associated Property Data linking initiative.

To register, click on the location you wish to attend from the table of workshops and email us with the names and number of persons attending.


Replacing Survey Records

All Landonline users

From 14 September 2017 the Landonline request “Survey Image Missing Unreadable or Incorrect” will no longer be available. If you would like a survey record replaced, because the current quality of the image is unreadable, please use “Request Manual Copy (RMC)”. If the request is due to the unacceptable quality of the image there will not be charge for this request.


Error messages at signing

All Landonline users

We are aware that some customers are experiencing error messages when certifying and signing, and we are investigating this issue. We will provide a further update when this is resolved.

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