New Zealand industries trial advanced GPS technologies

22 November 2017

Land Information New Zealand has kicked off a trial to look at how Kiwi industries could benefit from the latest satellite positioning technologies.

“Between now and early 2019 we’ll be putting a satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) – a type of technology that improves accuracy and speed for getting GPS measurements – to the test across 10 key industries,” says Chief Geodesist, Graeme Blick.

“Many industries – particularly transport – rely on accurate GPS. The trial is to investigate whether SBAS will be useful to them.” 

The New Zealand and Australian governments are funding the trial which is made up of some 30 projects across Australasia. Australia’s first project began last week, which is looking at how SBAS could help with precision agriculture and the tracking of livestock.

“The first project is already underway with Christchurch-based location data intelligence consultancy, Orbica partnered with Reveal Infrastructure. Orbica are working to test the use of SBAS for locating underground assets.”

 “Mapping underground assets, such as water pipes and cables is a critical job, yet it’s very costly for the construction industry. Knowing where they are located reduces the chances of damage when digging in the area and can help with maintenance.

“We look forward to seeing whether SBAS can make this process cheaper and more efficient.”

From left: Eldar Rubinov (CRCSI), Phill Smith (Reveal infrastructure), Antonin Caen, Faisal Abbas, Andy Holt (Orbica – Location Data Consultants)

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