Landwrap December 2017

13 December 2017

Issue 138

This month we have updates about our holiday hours, Citrix software, and the Review of the Rules for Cadastral Survey. We also have information about Landonline Digital Certificates, and a reminder about lapsing caveats over the holiday period.

LINZ hours over the holiday season

All Landonline users

The LINZ Offices, including Customer Support, will be closed from 5pm Friday 22 December. Normal hours will resume on Wednesday 3 January 2018. Landonline will close at the normal time of 5pm Sat 23 December and resume at 6am Wednesday 3 January 2018. From everyone here at LINZ, have a safe and enjoyable holiday break.


Lapsing caveats over the Christmas / New Year period this year

All Landonline users

If you or your client receives a notice of lapse of caveat or notice of claim in the lead-up to the Christmas period this year, you’ll need to act quickly to avoid the caveat or notice of claim lapsing.

Find out about caveat lapsing notice periods


Landonline Citrix Software Update

All Landonline users

Citrix have recently released a new version of the Citrix Receiver software used for Landonline. This new version (4.10) also includes a new option for Windows 10 users to download a Windows App Store version of the Citrix Receiver software. LINZ does not recommend or support the App Store version as digital signing does not work in this version. The look and feel of the app is also significantly different.

Please note: We have identified issues with defining diagrams in survey with the 4.10 version since this article was written and we recommend you download the 4.9 version of Citrix Receiver from the Citrix website.


Review of the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010


The Surveyor-General, Mark Dyer’s, review of the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 is well underway.  A large number of submissions were received on the Issues and Opportunities (PDF 513KB) paper.  Between the workshops and written submissions we received 550 items of feedback and my team have now started the long process of collating and considering in detail the submissions.  We expect this work will take us into the second quarter of 2018 said Mr Dyer.

We have also initiated the establishment of a reference group to review and provide feedback on proposals before sharing with the wider survey community.  It is expected the group will normally comprise of five licensed cadastral surveyors from the private sector with relevant experience across a broad range of cadastral areas.  Expressions of interest will soon be called for.

Up to date information including a high level summary of the feedback received is available from our website.


Survey capture in greater Christchurch


To assist first time compliance, guidance for mark naming, linking and reporting in greater Christchurch has been reviewed and updated. 

For mark naming and linking, the information has been grouped under three mark types:

  • Un-disturbed old mark,
  • Disturbed old mark, and   
  • Adopted mark.

Each category contains the preferred mark name label, and various linking options with diagrams.

The section on reporting specifies the information that will assist LINZ to rectify any linking conflicts, merge multiple nodes for an un-disturbed mark, and transfer/decommission vectors as a result of approved interim survey disturbed mark practices.

Find out more: LINZ Operational requirements in greater Christchurch

Landonline Digital Certificates – understanding your obligations

All Landonline users

New Zealanders surety of their property rights underpins our economy. The security of the Landonline system is fundamental to maintaining this confidence. Licences and digital certificates are two of several measures we have in place to ensure the integrity of New Zealand’s land title system.  

We manage who has access to Landonline services such as e-search, e-dealing, or e-survey by issuing licences  to your firm.

We then issue user accounts and digital certificates to ensure the security of the system by providing additional authentication points. Each user of Landonline services must have their own user ID and Digital Certificate. Each user ID allows only that one individual to access Landonline. 

These arrangements ensure there is a high level of security in place around the Landonline system and access is tightly controlled.   

We can establish what has been searched, viewed, altered, signed, submitted, and so on; when; and by whom.

Digital Certificates, passphrases and passwords must not be shared.

Our processes provide security and authentication by ensuring that the digital signature on a transaction in Landonline can only be given  by the holder of a properly issued  Digital Certificate.

Everyone obtaining a digital certificate must confirm they will comply with the terms and conditions of use as part of the sign-up process. The requirement to keep digital certificates, passphrases and passwords secure and confidential is particularly important. A digital certificate can only be used by the person to whom it is issued. Under no circumstances is it acceptable to share your digital certificate or allow another person access while you’re logged onto Landonline under your own certificate.      

It is important to remember that the holder of the digital certificate under which a transaction is certified is ultimately responsible.

While Landonline users generally take these responsibilities seriously LINZ has on occasion revoked digital certificates in circumstances where they may have been compromised. This has occurred, for example, where in the course of downloading a digital certificate confidential authorisation codes, reference numbers, passphrases and/or passwords have been shared with an IT support person.

To keep your Digital Certificate secure, the Registration Authority requires the email address you provide to be solely accessible by you. A generic address such as doesn’t satisfy the T&Cs.

Cases of deliberate digital certificate sharing are very rare, but LINZ has taken action to permanently remove a practitioner’s Landonline access where this has occurred.        

There is one simple rule when you get your digital certificate: never share it for any reason!

Your digital certificate will be revoked if LINZ suspects a breach.

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