2 February 2018

Issue 139

This month's Landwrap includes articles about a pilot programme to identify Canterbury quake-related boundary conflicts; information about the NZVD2016 height update; issues related to the Kaikoura coordinate update; a new index for the Surveyor-General's guidelines; as well as a few reminders. 


Reference Group - Review of the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010


The Surveyor-General is currently seeking expressions of interest from licensed cadastral surveyors to join a Reference Group to review and provide feedback on proposals relating to the review of the Rules for Cadastral Survey. 

Expressions of interest, including a brief resume of cadastral experience should be emailed to SGRulesreview@linz.govt.nz by 5:00pm Friday, 16 February 2018. Please see the Reference Group Terms of Reference (PDF 391KB) (PDF) for more information.

NZVD2016 heights in Geodetic Database and the LINZ Data Service


Following the 14 January Kaikoura Earthquake coordinate update, an issue has been identified which has affected the published NZVD2016 heights. These heights have now been updated and are now consistent with the NZGD2000 ellipsoidal heights within Landonline, the Geodetic Database, the LINZ Data Service.

The heights were successfully updated on 1 February and now have the description  “National Geodetic Adjustment NZGD2000 20171201 update” with a calculation date 14-Jan-2018 to match the NZGD2000 from which they are based.
If you were using NZVD2016 heights from the Geodetic Database between 15 January and 2 February 2018 or the LINZ Data Service between 23 January and 5 February 2018 please be aware many heights will have changed.

Kaikoura earthquake coordinate update 


A coordinate update took place over the weekend of the 13-14 January -- this will affect surveys within some areas of the upper South Island and Lower North island

What e-survey users need to do

E-survey users will need to complete the actions listed below for each CSD that was in your Landonline workspace on 13 January that is within an affected area, and that also contains any captured marks and vectors.

Any CSD that only contains plan graphics, such as Flat Plans and Unit Plans with no survey sheets, will not be affected and you will not need to perform this procedure for them.

The following actions also need to be applied to any CSD within an affected area that you submitted before 13 January and is returned to you on requisition.

For each affected CSD:

  1. Open the spatial window by selecting ‘Search|Spatial View’.
  2. Unlink any placeholders.
  3. Refresh the spatial window by selecting ‘Capture|Refresh’.
  4. Delete unnecessary placeholders.
  5. In Plan Generation select ‘Generate Plan|Layout Plan Sheets’, check the plans for correctness and select the ‘Complete’ button. This will regenerate the CSD in terms of the new coordinate values.
  6. Re-run prevalidation and check for any new conflicts or warnings (see below for information about C440 failures).

If you do not complete this procedure, you may get error message 124210: ‘There was an error updating the geometry for Parcel XXXXXXX’ when running ‘Prevalidation’. You should then follow the procedure above.

LINZ launches pilot programme to identify Canterbury quake-related boundary conflicts

All Landonline users

Land Information New Zealand has launched a pilot project to look at the identification and management of boundary conflicts arising from interim surveys carried out after the Canterbury earthquakes.

This work includes quantifying the number of interim surveys that have a potential for boundary conflict and developing a process framework for how the conflicts can be managed. This is a relatively complex task and is expected to take at least 12 months. Further details are available on our pilot project page.

Boundary Marking – Reinstatement Datasets


The manual quality assurance process required to ensure the prescribed number of witness marks are required for boundary marking - reinstatement datasets.

For surveyors preparing boundary marking - reinstatement datasets Rule 7.3.2(d) relaxes the standard for the number of witness marks to one. Please note however that Landonline doesn’t currently test this rule in pre-validation so surveyors should incorporate a check in their quality assurance processes to ensure they have at least one witness mark. LINZ Operations will continue to check this item manually.

For boundary marking – full CSD (conflict) datasets Landonline is testing that the prescribed number of witness marks exist.

An index to the Surveyor-General’s guidelines is now available online


The Surveyor-General’s guidelines on the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 are published as articles in the KnowledgeBase on the LINZ website.

A topical index to these articles is also now available in the KnowledgeBase.

Read more about the Surveyor-General’s guidelines.

Depicting full extent of parcels


LINZ Operations is seeing an increase in datasets where each parcel on a Diagram of Parcels is not being depicted to scale in its entirety on at least one sheet.

Rule 10.4.2(d) of the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 requires each parcel on a Diagram of Parcels to be depicted to scale in its entirety on at least one sheet. For primary parcels its boundaries, appellation and an area must be shown and for non-primary parcels its boundaries, appellation and the appellation of the underlying parcel must be shown. The boundary dimensions and other title plan requirements can be shown on another diagram that does not have to be to scale. However the information presented must be clear and unambiguous – Rule 10.4.10(a).

The intention of rule 10.4.2(d) is to ensure that the spatial extent of all rights and interests that relate to a title can be readily ascertained from the diagrams contained in the Title Plan. This is important so that a landowner or someone dealing with the title can understand the location and extent of the rights, interests and encumbrances associated with the title.

LINZ is seeing an increase in the frequency of datasets that are not complying with this rule. Surveyors are reminded that all Rules for Cadastral Survey must be complied with.


Media enquiries

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