13 April 2018

Issue 141

This month's Landwrap has details about the upcoming Landonline maintenance release, Citrix connection issues, bright-line rule changes, a review of the rules for Cadastral Survey, and two consultations as part of the Land Transfer Act 2017.   

Landonline maintenance release 3.17

All Landonline users 

The next Landonline maintenance release is planned for Monday 16 April.

Landonline will be unavailable on Saturday 14 April

Detailed information on the content of the release can be found on our Releases and Updates page

Changes for Titles customers

For Titles there will be a number of changes including:

  • A new template OCTN instrument replaces the old image-only OCT instrument. This will enable the pre-population of names, legal descriptions and purposes from the affected head titles, prior transfers and linked plans (if any).
  • When deleting a dealing, users will be prompted to enter their password to help prevent accidental deletion.

Changes for Survey customers

For Survey there will be a number of changes including:

  • The ability to add height limits against easements in the Schedule/Memorandum tab.
  • A new Survey Class column in the vector capture screen


Landonline Citrix connection issues

All Landonline users

LINZ is aware of a number of users who continue to be affected by Citrix interruptions and disconnections. We are investigating these as a high priority.

A number of users are experiencing Citrix interruptions while using Landonline. To help us investigate the cause of these we need more information and data.

If you receive a pop-up message, like the one shown below, go to our reporting page and record the details. Please note that the date and time of the incident are of particular importance for our investigations.

Screenshot of Citrix 'Connection Interrupted' error message

Bright-line rule change


The bright-line rule changed on 29 March 2018, increasing the time it applies to. The rule now requires people selling residential property within five years of buying it to pay income tax on gains from the sale, unless:

  • it’s their main home
  • they inherited the property
  • they receive a property as a part of a relationship settlement

For more information check the dedicated Inland Revenue webpage


Review of the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010


The Surveyor-General, Mark Dyer, has established a reference group consisting of six licensed surveyors representing practitioners from the private sector and local government. Mr Dyer says 'there was strong interest in the Reference Group which has allowed us to select a balanced group with a variety of experience from different firms across New Zealand.'

Currently the Surveyor-General is working with Parliamentary Counsel Office (PCO) on ways of reorganising the Rules with a view to making changes to both the layout and the order of rule requirements. PCO will also focus on the use of plain English and improving cross referencing. The Surveyor-General’s team are also researching a number of proposed rule changes based on the Issues and Opportunities paper published on 7 August 2017 and submissions from surveyors. The restructured Rules and proposals will be presented to and tested by the reference group before Stage 2 consultation with the wider survey community. Stage 2 consultation is now expected to take place in the third quarter 2018.

Read more about the Reference Group and Rules review



All Landonline users

LINZ has two consultations underway:

Fees for land title products and services

Land Information New Zealand is consulting on the fees charged for searching and registering a property transaction. The proposal is that fees for land title products and services remain at current rates.

The existing title fees are set out by the Land Transfer Regulations 2002. When the Land Transfer Act 2017 is enacted at the end of 2018, those regulations will be revoked: the replacement regulations will use language that reflects the terminology of the new Act.

While LINZ is proposing that the fees don’t change, the descriptions of some products and services are changing as a result of the Land Transfer Act 2017; for example, a “certificate of title” is now a “record of title” reflecting the services in new digital environment.

LINZ is keen to hear your views on the questions and proposal in this paper.

Consultation closes at 5pm on Friday 27 April 2018.

Read the consultation document and guidance


REMINDER: Land Transfer Act consultation

Land Information New Zealand and the Registrar-General of Land are consulting on new regulations, standards and directives in preparation for the implementation of the Land Transfer Act 2017.

This consultation gives people the chance to comment on new Regulations, standards and directives that support the Act. We would welcome feedback from interested parties to help ensure the transition to the new Act is as smooth as possible.

Consultation closes at 5pm on Friday 27 April 2018.

Read the consultation documents and guidance 


Media enquiries

Email: media@linz.govt.nz or phone: 027 566 5251