24 October 2018

LINZ will progressively rebuild Landonline to modernise New Zealand’s land information platform and services

Cabinet yesterday approved Land Information New Zealand’s (LINZ) business case to modernise New Zealand’s land information platform and services, a project that has been known as ASaTS.

Lisa Barrett, LINZ Chief Executive, has welcomed the decision as the best option to deliver benefits for customers, reduce risks and meet expectations in terms of both quality and cost.

“The decision follows five years of LINZ thoroughly exploring options and consulting with stakeholders, before recommending rebuilding Landonline as the best option,” Ms Barrett says, “Progressively rebuilding Landonline will not only provide enhanced services for LINZ  customers but also continuity.  Customers have been waiting a long time for new functionality to make their jobs easier so this is great news”.

Landonline is the technology system that holds New Zealand’s central register of land title and survey information. It’s now 20 years old and has become increasingly difficult to maintain and enhance. The current system is also expensive, slow to respond to changing needs, and is not flexible or mobile-friendly.

12,000 New Zealanders regularly use Landonline, including conveyancing professionals, surveyors, territorial authorities and search-only customers.  Tens of thousands of other New Zealanders also rely on the information LINZ holds—there is no other way to buy and sell property in New Zealand.

Landonline provides the core information for New Zealand to be able to respond to emergencies, natural disasters and biosecurity concerns.

LINZ will progressively rebuild Landonline in stages over five years, allowing changes in customer and government needs to be incorporated throughout the programme.

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