Lake Benmore Peninsula wilding tree removal begins

23 October 2018

Work to remove wilding conifers has started on the Lake Benmore Peninsula close to the Lake Benmore Dam.

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) is coordinating the work to remove the trees, which are growing closely together and taking over other vegetation. They are also spreading across nearby land, putting native bush and tussock landscapes at risk.

The work is taking place at ground level as the trees are being removed for timber. This means that part of the peninsula walkway has been closed whilst the work takes place.

LINZ is working closely with the contractor and Meridian Energy, which also owns some of the land, to ensure that disruption to walkers is kept to a minimum.

It’s expected the work will take up to 10 weeks to complete, although the walkway won’t be closed for that entire time. Signs are in place to make it clear where the track is closed and to warn walkers of the work.

LINZ is working on a plan to ensure the landscape is left in good condition, particularly as this is a popular area with tourists and locals. Regeneration won’t be able to happen for around twelve months to allow treatment to take place for conifer seeds on the ground.

Money raised from the sale of the trees will be used to fund on-going work to restore the Lake Benmore Peninsula site.

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