Business Case to rebuild Landonline is now online

20 December 2018

The programme business case to progressively rebuild Landonline, which was successfully presented to Cabinet in October, is available to read.

Redacted versions of the business case and the Cabinet papers are available to read on our Rebuilding Landonline page.

Landonline is crucial to our economy—there’s no other way to buy land or a house in New Zealand. Confidence in property rights underpins our living standards and is critical to the financial and banking systems the economy relies on.

New Zealand ranks number one in the World Bank Doing Business rankings for registering property. Reinvesting in Landonline will help New Zealand retain and enhance its world class property system to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Landonline also provides important information to be able to respond to emergencies, natural disasters and biosecurity concerns, but is now 20 years old and increasingly difficult and expensive to enhance and maintain.

The business case outlines more detail on Land Information New Zealand’s five-year programme to modernise and future-proof Landonline through an incremental rebuild to provide a reliable, available and secure platform.

Rebuilding Landonline and building an in-house capability ensures LINZ stays ahead of the curve with its technology, rather than building a tool that may need a capital replacement in years to come. LINZ will maintain control and ownership of the new system and have the ability to make changes and deliver better functionality more quickly to meet customer needs.

Land Information New Zealand will progressively rebuild Landonline with LINZ resources and local ICT providers in four stages (known as tranches). This will enable improved end-to-end processing across the wider property system, and improve the accessibility and quality of property rights information.

It is expected the programme will cost up to $128 million. This will be funded by a repayable $95.4 million government injection and just under $33 million from LINZ capital reserves. Minister-approved
drawdowns are required at each stage of the programme.

LINZ will deliver customer value and benefits as soon as possible and by mid-2020 a range of benefits will be in place from the first stage (tranche 1) of the programme.

The new system will still be called Landonline and will be complete in 2024.

A single-stage business case is being finalised for the first stage of the project and will be presented to Ministers in early 2019 for funding drawdown of tranche 1.

The programme to rebuild Landonline is called STEP (Survey and Title Enhancement Programme) and was previously known as ASaTS (Advanced Survey and Title Services).

Read more about STEP and the programme business case (PDF 3MB) and Cabinet paper (PDF 343KB).

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