14 December 2018

Issue 148

In the December edition of Landwrap we have a reminder about the summer holiday hours for Landonline as well as information about password protection, applications for Survey Dispensation, Landonline printing issues and a problem with form fields in .rtf documents. 

Landonline summer holiday closing times

Landonline will be closed for the summer holidays from 10pm Monday 24 December and will reopen at 6am on Thursday 3 January 2019.

Protect your Landonline passwords  

An attempt was recently made via email to blackmail a Landonline user. This occurred following a scam where private data from a social media site was publically released. This was a risk as the user had the same password for their social media account as the passphrase they used for signing in Landonline.

There were no security breaches of Landonline as a result of this action. Following the incident, LINZ cancelled and reissued the user’s certificate when the matter was reported to us.
To avoid this risk in future, please remember these simple guidelines for passwords and passphrases:

  1. Make your Landonline password and certificate passphrase different from each other
  2. Make them both unique - don’t reuse passwords you’ve previously used, or are currently using elsewhere
  3. Don’t share your password, passphrase or certificate with anyone else.

For more information please read CERT NZs information about password blackmail scams.

Important information when applying for a Survey Dispensation

The information on how to apply for - and what to include with - a survey dispensation request has recently been updated. To aid Land Information New Zealand in processing your request promptly and efficiently please refer to our Dispensation/exemption page.

Workaround for notices that print with blank fields

A small number of customers are reporting that when they are printing notices direct from the email containing the notice, some of the information displayed is printing with blank spaces. The information missing from the printed notices relates to text fields in the notice that are no longer linked to their data source.

Tip: These fields normally display with a grey background when you view the notice.

This issue is commonly caused by a customer or their firm setting the ‘Update fields before printing’ option that is available under the printing options in MS Word. If that option is not ticked, the notices should print correctly.

If you require them, we have provided instructions to find and switch off this option.

If you have a business reason for leaving this option ticked, you should avoid printing the notice directly from MS Word, or your email, and instead print it directly from Landonline. For example, you can search and view the notice via Notifications in your workspace or print the notice from your My Messages section.

.rtf editing issue (Return Survey Requisition Notice)

The grey form fields in all Landonline notices are an unintended consequence of a recent update but this particularly affects .rtf requisition notices for surveyors as they need to edit these at times.

While you are unable to click within the form fields to edit, you are able to click just outside them and then move the cursor by using the arrow keys to within the form field and that will then allow those fields to be edited.

If you would prefer, we have provided instructions here.

Media enquiries

Email: media@linz.govt.nz or phone: 027 566 5251