5 February 2019

Today we’ve published our Regulatory Stewardship Strategy and our Assessment of the Crown Pastoral Land Regulatory System.

Regulatory stewardship is a responsibility of government regulatory agencies. As a regulator it’s critical that we ensure our oversight of the systems we’re responsible for is fit for purpose. LINZ takes its regulatory stewardship responsibilities seriously.

We need to work with other agencies, local government, non-government entities and the wider community so system risks are effectively managed and the benefits fully realised. As part of our strategy to improve performance we are undertaking a series of Regulatory System Assessments, the first of which is a review of the Crown Pastoral Land Regulatory System.

This system covers how we manage Crown pastoral leases, the majority of which are in the South Island high country. These are 33 year leases with the perpetual right of renewal and there are 171 leases. 

The assessment highlighted issues with the effectiveness, efficiency, durability and accountability of the current Crown Pastoral Lease system.

In response LINZ is making changes not only at an operational level in how we manage Crown pastoral land, but also at a policy level.

“The regulatory assessment provides us with clear evidence about what is and isn’t working in our management of Crown pastoral land,” says Jerome Sheppard, Deputy Chief Executive Crown Property.

“I’m pleased to say that we are already implementing a number of changes to address the issues raised in the assessment but there is still a long way to go.

“We are committed to improving our management of Crown pastoral land and increasing our engagement with leaseholders and key agencies.”

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