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New Zealand is again top of the World Bank’s Doing Business rankings for registering property.

Doing Business measures business regulation and its enforcement across 190 economies and selected cities.

Doing Business rates New Zealand as the best in the world at the procedures, time and cost it takes to transfer a property, and the quality of the land administration system. The World Bank looked at five aspects for this rating: infrastructure reliability, how transparent information was, geographic coverage, land dispute resolution and equal access to property rights.

Landonline holds all of New Zealand’s land title and survey information, and is critical infrastructure for New Zealand. It underpins all property transactions in New Zealand and holds more than two million titles – there’s no other way to buy or sell property and land in the country. Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) – which manages Landonline – is undoubtedly proud of the accolade. “Confidence in property rights underpins living standards and is critical to the financial and banking system our economy relies on,” said Robbie Muir, Registrar-General of Land.

“It’s essential that New Zealanders can rely on Landonline to provide accurate information about land and property.”

LINZ is in the process of modernising and rebuilding Landonline as it will help New Zealand retain and expand its world class property system to meet the needs of the 21st century.

“Rebuilding Landonline ensures LINZ can continue to provide important information to be better able to respond to emergencies, natural disasters and biosecurity concerns,” said Kathy Mansell, DCE Property Rights. “This work will also improve access to land information for all New Zealanders.”   

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