1 April 2019

Land Information New Zealand has released advice provided to the Minister for Land Information Eugenie Sage on options for ending tenure review, and proposed changes to how Crown pastoral land is regulated.

High country advice

In February Minister Sage announced the Government would be ending the tenure review process. This is the mechanism by which Crown pastoral land can be sold to a leaseholder and areas with high ecological or other values can be transferred to the conservation estate.

Ending tenure review requires the Crown to take a stronger enduring stewardship role for the remaining pastoral estate and changes to the regulatory system have been proposed to support effective management of Crown pastoral land. Public consultation on these proposals was opened on 17 February, and closes on Friday 12 April.

The documents released today provide the public with an overview of the advice, the issues that were considered and potential solutions. Much of the advice helped form the discussion document ‘Enduring stewardship of Crown pastoral land’ which is currently being consulted on.

Consultation on enduring stewardship of Crown pastoral land

Due to the high level of public interest we have also published the December Cabinet paper “Release of the discussion document Enduring stewardship of Crown pastoral land” which was considered by the Cabinet Environment, Energy and Climate Committee.

The documents include:

Doc. #



Cabinet minute CBC-19-MIN-0001

Cabinet paper

Delivering better outcomes for Crown pastoral land (PDF 2MB) (already released)



Regulatory impact statement: Proposed changes to tenure review (PDF 872KB)


Cabinet paper

Release of the discussion document Enduring stewardship of Crown pastoral land (PDF 668KB)


BRF 18-082          

Briefing on Issues and Opportunities in the High Country (PDF 6MB)


BRF 18-100          

Briefing on progressing a High Country work programme (PDF 10MB)


BRF 18-133          

Briefing on Crown pastoral lease regulatory system review (PDF 562KB)


BRF 18-202          

Briefing on issues that will require policy advice to inform change to the CPLA (PDF 7MB)

Appendix 1 (PDF 2MB)


BRF 18-258          

Proposed new strategic direction: Enduring Stewardship of the South Island High Country (PDF 550KB)

A3 diagram - reshaping the Crown pastoral land system (PDF 806KB)


BRF 18-283          

Reshaping the Crown pastoral land system: Property rights (PDF 4MB)

A3 diagram (PDF 835KB)


BRF 18-286          

Rents on Crown Pastoral Lands (PDF 4MB)


BRF 18-302          

Aide memoire: Reshaping the Crown pastoral land system - Property rights and regulatory approaches (PDF 591KB)


BRF 19-005          

Assessment of the Crown pastoral land regulatory system (PDF 544KB)


BRF 19-009          

Initial advice on tenure review (PDF 8MB)


BRF 19-010          

LINZ's future focus for the South Island High Country work programme (PDF 13MB)


BRF 19-113          

Providing further information on Crown pastoral lease rents to inform discussion document (PDF 12MB)



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