From housing to hills at the 2019 Crown Property Forum

17 April 2019

Around 160 land and property experts from a range of organisations recently came together for the 2019 Crown Property Forum.

The event focusses on working together to achieve the best use for the land and properties that the Crown is responsible for. Examples include the pastoral leases of the South Island high country, conservation land, former schools, prisons, courthouses and land for housing.

“This was the fourth time we’ve run the forum,” says organising committee member David Montgomerie.

“It’s expanded a lot since the first one and this year we even had presenters from Australia.” 

The forum brings together a wide range of people who work across the Crown Property sector in both the public and private sector. This year’s theme ‘Whatungarongaro te tangata, toitū te whenua - People come and go, but the land remains’ resonated with attendees and helped to frame the conversations of the day.

Minister Sage opened the Forum at Te Papa and spoke passionately about the future direction she sees for land and property management, with organisations working together and with others in the community to take a long-term view.

There were presentations on a range of projects, including Te Manahuna Aoraki, the Mackenzie Basin Alignment Project and improvements to LINZ freedom camping sites.

A team from the Queensland Department of Natural Resources spoke about Crown land and working with communities. 

“It was great to hear about their experiences given they are dealing with similar challenges and opportunities to the ones we face in New Zealand” adds David.

Alex Baker from Housing New Zealand talked about how the agency is taking a totally new approach to addressing climate change covering not only what it can do to reduce its carbon footprint and waste management, but also how it can help its customers and communities to do the same.

“The whole day was full of fantastic examples of taking an innovative approach to solving some pretty significant issues for New Zealand” says Megan Reid, Group Manager Business Intelligence.

“The enthusiasm for further conversation was tangible and I’m really pleased to say that we will be developing an online platform to share ideas about how attendees can continue to work with each other.

“Feedback from those who attended has been really positive and indicates that the Forum has both facilitated conversations across agencies and helped to grow professional networks.”

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