Funding for increased Crown pastoral land inspections

12 June 2019

Through Budget 2019 $3.1 million over four years will support improvements to manage Crown pastoral land in the South Island high country.

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) is responsible for managing around 170 pastoral leases across 1.2 million hectares of land stretching from Marlborough to Southland.

“This funding will increase our land management capability and capacity at a critical time for Crown pastoral land,” says Jerome Sheppard, Crown Property Deputy Chief Executive.

The additional resources will mean LINZ can inspect all of the 170 Crown pastoral leases at least once every two years. The inspections will be carried out by LINZ staff rather than third party service providers. Service providers will still be used for other Crown pastoral lease work.

“LINZ leading its own inspections will improve how we monitor and enforce compliance with discretionary consents for activities such as planting or felling trees, putting in a path, track or road, burning vegetation or sowing seeds.

“As well as giving us better information on what is happening on Crown pastoral land, this will also help us work with leaseholders and other agencies to achieve sustainable environmental and economic outcomes.

“The future of this land is vitally important to this country, not only for the  biodiversity and environmental values but also for the economic value it provides through pastoral farming.”

The increase in inspections is part of operational improvements being made alongside regulatory reforms.

A summary of submissions from the recent Consultation on Enduring Stewardship of Crown Pastoral Land has been published:
Submissions on enduring stewardship of Crown pastoral land

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