4 June 2019

Dutch-owned Horizon Flowers NZ Ltd has approval to buy a 162-hectare dairy farm at Mabel Bush in Southland.

The company will divide the property into six plots and use just one plot in any year to grow tulips. Soil used to grow tulips needs to be rested for at least six years after the flowers are harvested so most of the property will be leased back to the vendor – Far South Farms Ltd – to continue dairying.

The investment enables greater diversification of the land for broader horticultural production and it will help meet the global demand for tulips.

Horizon Flowers has been planting and processing tulip bulbs in Southland since 2014, and the new land is near Horizon’s tulip bulb processing facility.

Benefits of the investment include extra funds to plant tulip bulbs, new permanent and seasonal jobs to plant and harvest the tulip bulbs, and increased export receipts.

Horizon Flowers’ previous investments have introduced extra funds to build the tulip bulb processing facility and created jobs for planting, harvesting and processing. The new investment is likely to enhance the viability of the previous investment.

Land Information Minister Eugenie Sage and Associate Finance Minister David Clark approved the application in April.

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