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13 July 2019

Landonline issues and latest release information.

Landonline Release 3.20

Landonline Release 3.20 was carried out over the weekend 13 - 14 July 2019 as part of general maintenance for Landonline. It includes some changes for Surveyors and Professional Conveyancers.

More information is available on the Landonline Releases and System Updates page.

Notice for Landonline customers using unsupported software

For the purposes of this article, ‘unsupported software’ is any software that is no longer supported by the software supplier, for example:


Supported version

(click on hyperlinks for further information)


Microsoft Windows Operating System

Windows 8.1

Windows 10

extended support ends 10 Jan 23

extended support ends 14 Oct 25

Internet Browser for Microsoft Windows

Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft Edge



for Windows 8.1 or backward compatibility only

recommended by Microsoft for Windows 10

see link for End of Life dates

see link for End of Life dates

Citrix receiver for Microsoft Windows

Citrix Workspace app for Windows

Receiver for Windows 12

Receiver for Windows 11

Receiver for Windows 4.9

see link for End of Life dates

end of Life 4 Dec 19

end of Life 26 Aug 19

Long Term Service Release - EOL 15 Aug 20

Using unsupported software has the potential to cause unexpected security issues for your computer, office network, and even Landonline.

Unsupported software can also result in unexpected issues when trying to access or sign in Landonline, so often the first thing our customer support team will require prior to any troubleshooting is that you update to supported versions of software.  That could cause time delays that are frustrating to both yourself and your customers, especially if you need to engage an IT services provider to perform the upgrades.

Last Updated: 13 July 2019