Tenders open for LiDAR 3D mapping across New Zealand

25 July 2019

From today flying companies specialising in 3D mapping have until 4 September to apply to provide services that will help transform how regional councils plan investments and prepare for climate change.

LINZ has issued a Request for Tender (RFT) on the Government’s Electronic Tender Service for LiDAR (which stands for Light Detection and Ranging) services over approximately 100,000 square kilometres of New Zealand.

The RFT begins procurement for the Government’s Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) LiDAR elevation data capture project which is providing up to $19 million in co-funding over five years to support regional councils to develop a national elevation dataset.

Having highly accurate elevation data and 3D maps assists regions to make critical infrastructure investment decisions and is crucial for urban planning, construction and engineering.

It also supports good planning and decision-making by industries looking to invest in the regions, particularly in the agriculture and forestry sectors. 

LINZ is coordinating the procurement on behalf of eight councils participating in the first of two project funding rounds: Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawke’s Bay, Tasman, Marlborough, Canterbury, West Coast and Southland. 

By consolidating eight regions in a single RFT LINZ expects to achieve cost efficiencies through economies of scale, the supplier market will also be provided more attractive opportunities as a result of contracting at scale.

Suppliers have until 4 September 2019 to submit an application.  

Further information is available on GETS:
LiDAR Request for Tender

This map shows existing LiDAR Open Data coverage in green, and work in progress in orange. The grey crosshatched areas indicate regions included in the RFT.

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