Help make searching Landonline better

16 August 2019

The programme to rebuild Landonline is now underway. Landonline is the system used to manage New Zealand’s land information.

Our goal is to make Landonline easier to use in the future. To do this, we need feedback on how you use Landonline Search within your business.

We are looking at improving the search land record products function by introducing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).  These APIs will allow your existing websites and computer software to speak to and pull information from the Landonline system. This means you will be able to obtain Search products, including Records of Titles, Instruments and Cadastral Survey Plans in real-time through your own computer system without having to log into Landonline.

If you think your organisation would be interested in using APIs, we would like to hear from you.

Take part in our short survey

Please take part in a short survey that will help us improve the development of the Search APIs. We’ll use your feedback as we develop the Search APIs.



Last Updated: 16 August 2019

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