16 August 2019

Deputy Valuer-General Callum Taylor recently visited Fiji to provide advice to their Government about the country’s ratings valuation system.

Earlier this year the Chief Valuers Office from the Fijian Government reached out to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) interested in finding out more about the New Zealand and Australian valuation systems.

“There has been a significant amount of development in recent years spurred by international developers in Fiji,” says Mr Taylor.

“However, many of those firms are using valuers from overseas rather than using local expertise. Because of this, the Fijian Government is wanting to build their capacity and capability in the valuation space.”

Mr Taylor was joined at the two day event by the Valuer-General from Norfolk Island. Both provided advice on how the Fijian Government could improve their mass appraisal valuations, valuers’ registration, and private practice valuation through improved standards and technology to deliver better performance. 

“I presented two sessions focused on these topics from the New Zealand perspective as well as providing significant input into discussions on a proposed land valuation act, something the Fijian system currently lacks. 

“It was an enlightening experience, highlighting both how similar and different our respective valuation systems are. The Fijians have many of the aspects of our system, courtesy of their similar historic links to Britain but also don't have some fundamental aspects, such as a dedicated land valuation Act, required to have a robust valuation system.

“They were grateful for the presentations and guidance on valuation systems that flowed from the discussions and are focusing on taking steps towards improvement.” 

The intention is to make the sharing of expertise more regular, particularly if Fiji looks to put in place new legislation.

“New Zealand has a wealth of expertise and experience in terms of the ratings valuation system”, adds the Deputy Chief Executive, Strategy and Stewardship at LINZ, Robbie Muir.

“It’s really good to see LINZ take advantage of opportunities to be able to support our neighbours in the Pacific.”

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