Approach to Market for Satellite Based Augmentation System

16 March 2020

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and Geoscience Australia have committed to implementing an operational satellite based augmentation system, called the Southern Positioning Augmentation Network.

The Southern Positioning Augmentation Network will augment standard positioning capability provided by GPS and Galileo across all of New Zealand and Australia to decimetre accuracy, with expected user applications in agriculture, construction, utilities and other industries. It will also support aviation and road transport sectors, which have requirements for high-integrity positioning data with sub-metre level accuracy.

Geoscience Australia has released an Approach to Market (ATM) in relation to the Southern Positioning Augmentation Network on behalf of both agencies.

LINZ and Geoscience Australia are encouraging all organisations that are capable of delivering this work to submit tenders.

Further detail of the ATM can be found on AusTender.

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