Landonline Terms and Conditions are changing

2 September 2020

The Landonline Terms and Conditions are being updated with terms that are clearer and all in one place. We've also separated our treatment of personal information and privacy with a new Landonline Privacy Statement.

A review of the current terms found that they were out of date. For example, they:

  • referred to obligations not in the terms but elsewhere on our website, such as digital certificates
  • dealt with privacy within the contractual terms rather than in a separate privacy statement, which is now the expectation.

In preparing the new Terms and Privacy Statement, we worked with LINZ business groups, the New Zealand Law Society, Survey and Spatial New Zealand, the Institute of Cadastral Surveyors, the New Zealand Society of Conveyancers, certain territorial authorities, the Auckland District Law Society and the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand. Their feedback led to numerous changes.

The new Landonline Terms and Conditions now clearly distinguish between the roles and obligations of Account Holders (such as firms) and Individual Users (individuals who use Landonline). They also create a "System Manager" role that every Account Holder is required to fill. The new Landonline Privacy Statement provides a comprehensive description of how we collect, use and share personal information.

Under the current Landonline Terms and Conditions, we must give 30 days' notice of change. That 30-day period begins on 3 September 2020 and we will consider feedback during this notice period.

Feedback can be emailed to

The new Landonline Terms and Conditions and Landonline Privacy Statement are intended to take effect on 5 October 2020. If there is any change to that date, we will announce it on our website.

Go to the Landonline homepage to download the new Landonline Terms and Conditions and the Landonline Privacy Statement

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