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Hillpark, a suburb beside Manurewa, is now an official place name. The decision was made by the Minister for Land Information Hon. Damien O’Connor.

New Zealand Geographic Board Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa Chairperson Anselm Haanen says the decision reflects the wishes of the majority of the suburb’s community. However, because several objections were received Minister O’Connor was required to make the final decision.

“Making the suburb name of Hillpark official recognises its long-term use over the last 60 years and celebrates its unique heritage,” says Mr Haanen.

“Hillpark was first informally named for the 1961 subdivision derived from ‘the hill’, a homestead built in 1910 and rebuilt in 1925. It also references the stands of regenerated native forest that were retained as parks”.

The suburb is located northeast of the urban centre of Manurewa, Auckland and is within the jurisdiction of the Manurewa Local Board under Auckland Council, who supported the proposal.

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