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We’re addressing payroll system non-compliance issues with the Holidays Act 2003 to ensure all current and former Toitū Te Whenua LINZ people receive their correct leave entitlements.

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How it affects you

If you were employed by us at any point since July 2010, your leave and final pay may not have been calculated and paid correctly.

What you can do

Please contact us by email on We will let you know if you were impacted and what other information is required before we can make payment.

Checking for a deceased person or someone you act for

To check if a deceased person’s estate or someone you act for is due a remediation payment, please email us at with your details and those of the person you are acting for. We will need a copy of your authority to act before we provide information about any payment that may be due.

Timing of remediation payments

Before we make payment, we first need to verify your information and collect new IR330 and KS2 forms so we know the correct tax and Kiwisaver deduction rates to apply. These forms are available from IRD.

The Kiwisaver form is only required for current members of Kiwisaver.

Payment will normally be made to the bank account we hold on file for you. If these details have changed we will also need to collect evidence that the new account is in your name.

Once we have collected the information we need, we will confirm the amount you are owed and let you know when payment can be expected. We will contact you again when payment is made and provide you with a payslip for the remediation payment.

Consequences for tax or benefits

We encourage you to contact the relevant organisation, such as Inland Revenue, for advice about whether your remediation payment affects any agreement you have with them about your current earnings, benefits, child support or any other matters.

The Inland Revenue website has useful information on the tax treatment of lump sum payments such as an arrears payment.

You can also contact the IRD directly on 0800 227 774.

Our work to comply

As well as remediating any historical holiday pay entitlements, we are working to rectify issues with our payroll system to ensure it is fully compliant with the Holidays Act and that our people are paid correctly.

More information

Email us if you have any questions at


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