Crown Pastoral Land Reform Act

Find the most up to date information on the changes we’re making to the administration of Crown pastoral land in the South Island high country.

The Crown Pastoral Land Reform Act received Royal assent from the Governor-General on 17 May 2022.   

The Act amends the Crown Pastoral Land Act 1998 and Land Act 1948. It introduces an outcomes-based approach to the regulatory system to help ensure that sustainable pastoral farming maintains or enhances the inherent (ecological, landscape, cultural, heritage and scientific) values of the land. The changes also aim to increase transparency, improve accountability, enable more public involvement in how the system operates, and better support the Crown-Māori relationship.

The Act ended tenure review the day after Royal assent. Only those reviews in implementation or at the substantive proposal stage can continue.

On 17 November 2022, other changes in the Act came into effect. This includes a new process for consenting discretionary pastoral activities, stock limitation exemptions, commercial recreation permits and easements to provide greater protection of inherent values.

A new public access consideration will also come into effect when the Commissioner of Crown Lands assesses lease transfers and sublease applications. 

There will also be greater visibility of these type of decisions. Summaries of most decisions will be published on our website. 

Secondary legislation is not required to implement these changes.

Crown Pastoral Land Reform Act

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