Find Overseas Investment Office decision summaries for applications that have been granted or declined since 2005.

The Overseas Investment Office releases summaries the month after a decision is made. They are released on the last working day of each month, or the last Thursday of each month if the last working day falls on a Friday, weekend, or non-working day.

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Discretionary exemptions

We also publish a register of exemptions that have been granted when, for example, compliance with the Act would be impractical or unduly costly, or the exemption is minor or technical.

Registers of exemptions

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Decisions in March 2007

Case number Applicant Decision date
200710020 Macquarie Goodman Property Trust and Macquarie Goodman Group
200710019 Airline Partners Australia Limited
200710018 Blakely Pacific Limited
200710017 Allco HIT Limited
200710016 Trans Tasman Properties Limited
200710002 Bernero Holdings Limited

Decisions in February 2007

Case number Applicant Decision date
200710015 NZFIT Limited
200710014 Multichannel Limited
200710004 Ramsay (Michael John and Faith Lesley)
200710012 Wesfarmers Limited
200710013 New Zealand Crane Group Limited
200710011 Takitimu Coal Limited
200710010 Sirius NZ Finance Co Limited
200710009 Multiplex Developments (NZ) Limited

Decisions in January 2007

Case number Applicant Decision date
200710008 International Specialty Aggregates Limited
200710007 Flavoured Beverages Limited
200710001 Smith (Andrew Johnson)
200710006 PepsiCo New Zealand Holdings
200710005 Negociants New Zealand Limited
200710003 Juken New Zealand Limited

Decisions in December 2006

Case number Applicant Decision date
200620085 Suncorp-Metway Limited
200620086 Blackfish Limited
200620083 Olsen and Company Limited as agent for NZFIT Limited
200620084 Highbrook Business Park Limited
200620082 Holcim (New Zealand) Limited
200620081 Cavotec Group Holdings N.V.
200620079 Middle Mount Forest Limited
200620080 MFS Limited
200620078 Nikko Principal Investments Limited
200620075 Hamnett (Keith and Susan Jane)
200620076 CAID Pty Limited
200620074 CDL Hospitality Trusts
200620073 Gibbston Valley Lodge NZ LLC

Decisions in November 2006

Case number Applicant Decision date
200620072 Macquarie Goodman Holdings (NZ) Limited
200620070 Bunnings Limited
200620071 Macquarie Goodman Holdings (NZ) Limited
200620069 Paritua Vineyards Limited

Decisions in October 2006

Case number Applicant Decision date
200620068 Fair Hill Trust
200620067 Bacardi New Zealand Holdings Limited
200620066 TrustPower Limited
200620065 TrustPower Limited
200620064 Pelham Trust
200620062 Strategic Finance Limited
200620057 Hancock Natural Resource Group, Inc
200620059 Bank of New Zealand
200620060 Fleet Holding (NZ) Limited
200620061 Tumuhau Trust
200620057 Confidential
200620058 NBL Holding Limited
200620056 Quadrant Private Equity Pty Limited
200620055 TrustPower Ltd
200620054 Potez (Richard Julian & Mary Josephine)
200620053 Pernod Ricard New Zealand Limited

Decisions in September 2006

Case number Applicant Decision date
200620052 Maruha (NZ) Corporation Ltd
200620050 Macquarie Goodman Nominee (NZ) Ltd & MG Nominee (NZ) No 2 Ltd
200620051 Bank of New Zealand
200620048 Neil Construction Limited
200620049 Neil Construction Limited
200620047 Rank Group Australia Pty Limited
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