Investing in sensitive New Zealand assets

New Zealand has regulation that controls overseas investment. This means that some people and entities cannot invest in sensitive New Zealand assets without consent.

Who is an ‘overseas person’?

You will need consent if you are an ‘overseas person’. This is:

  • a person who is not a New Zealand citizen and not ordinarily resident in New Zealand
  • an entity that is incorporated overseas or more than 25% owned or controlled by an overseas person, or
  • a New Zealand individual or entity investing on behalf of an overseas person.

‘Sensitive New Zealand assets’

The regulation applies to ‘sensitive New Zealand assets’. This includes assets that are in another jurisdiction. Sensitive New Zealand assets are:

  • sensitive land
  • significant business assets
  • fishing quota.

What is ‘investment’?

Investment can include:

  • acquiring a sensitive asset
  • acquiring shares or securities in an entity that holds sensitive assets
  • leasing a sensitive asset for more than 10 years
  • spending more than $100 million to establish a business or acquire assets for a business.

Overseas investment guidance

Explore the Guidance section for information on the rules for investing in New Zealand.

Overseas investment guidance