Overseas Investment Office’s Assessment Report: Drylandcarbon One Limited Partnership

The Overseas Investment Office’s Assessment Report to the Minister for Land Information New Zealand and the Associate Minister of Finance, in relation to the application by Drylandcarbon One Limited Partnership to purchase 1,594.46 hectares of sensitive land at 2775 Mangapoike Rd, Wairoa.

The Overseas Investment Office’s Assessment Report sets out the benefits in terms of the criteria set out in the Overseas Investment Act 2005 that have been claimed by the applicant, Drylandcarbon One Limited Partnership, the Overseas Investment Office’s assessment of the claimed benefits and its provisional recommendation to Ministers.

Certain redactions have been made under:

  • section 9(2)(a) including the 2nd Christian names of individuals to protect the privacy of natural persons
  • section 9(2)(b)(ii) including the consideration paid, investment amounts proposed by the applicant to protect the commercial of the applicant.
  • 9(2)(ba)(i) including certain information relating to the “good character” assessment as releasing the information would be likely to prejudice the supply in the future of similar information and it is in the public interest that such information should continue to be supplied.
Last Updated: 30 April 2020