Find out how you can make a submission about another person’s planned investment in sensitive New Zealand assets.

Making a submission on an overseas investment application

You can make a submission to the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) if you are aware of a particular application for consent to an overseas investment and you wish to provide us with relevant information.

While the OIO and decision-making Ministers aren’t required to consult on applications, the OIO does accept submissions from people and organisations (third parties).

The OIO does not advise the public of applications it is considering.

If we consider your submission is relevant:

  1. The applicant will be given the content of your submission (including your name). We share this information with the applicant so they can comment on your submission. You need to let us know immediately if –and why – you think the information you’ve provided should be kept confidential.
  2. We will then consider your submission along with the applicant’s comments and decide whether any of the points raised are matters that are relevant to the application.
  3. If your submission is relevant, we will provide the decision maker with a summary of your submission (including you name) along with the applicant’s comments and our advice. We provide this information to the decision maker so they can make a decision on the application for consent.

You will not be told when the application is decided and will only be contacted if the OIO requires further information.

How do I make a submission?

Submissions need to be made in writing and sent to:

The Overseas Investment Office
Land Information New Zealand
Radio New Zealand House, Level 7, 155 The Terrace
PO Box 5501, Wellington
New Zealand

or emailed to:

As there’s also no requirement for decision-making Ministers to consult, any submission sent to the Minister’s offices or staff will always be referred to the OIO. The Ministers and their staff will not meet with a third party or discuss an application. The OIO will decide whether the submission is relevant.


The OIO is bound by the Official Information Act 1982. This means we may have to release information you have provided even if you’ve told us it should remain confidential.

Read the Official Information Act 1982

It is up to us to decide what information to release or withhold. We can’t use the fact you don’t give consent as a reason to withhold information under the Official Information Act. If you want us to withhold your personal information (such as your name and address), you must notify us immediately and explain why your information should not be released. You can ask the Ombudsman’s Office to investigate whether our decision to release information under the Official Information Act was reasonable.

Personal Information

The OIO is also bound by the Privacy Act 1993. If a submission contains personal information (such as your name and address) we use this to help us assess applications for consent and to get in touch with you about your submission. We share your name with the applicant and decision maker, as explained above. We keep personal information provided in submissions for as long as we retain the application for consent to which the submission relates.

Read the Privacy Act 1993

Last Updated: 18 April 2019