Find out what information you need to provide to show you have met the conditions of your consent.

What is a compliance report?

A compliance report is a document that provides us with evidence that you are meeting the conditions of your consent. One of the conditions of consent to an investment is that you provide us with regular compliance reports.  Your compliance report must be complete, clear and truthful, and be submitted within the timeframes stated on your consent.

Overseas Investment Act 2005, s46

How we use the information

We use the information in your report to assess your compliance with the conditions of your consent.

Completing your report

To complete your compliance report:

  • download the report template (note: this template may change, so make sure you download it each time you need to submit a report)
  • review the guidance in each section and supply us with the required information
  • be concise and write in plain English
  • add tables, diagrams, maps, and schedules as appendices to your report, rather than inserting within the document.

Compliance / Annual Report Template (DOCX 34KB) 

Formatting your report

Format your report as a PDF, unless we advise otherwise. Make sure your report is:

  • ‘printed to PDF’ or scanned and OCR’d (Optical Character Recognition – i.e. all text in the document can be copied)
  • free from security restrictions
  • in colour (if the document contains colour)
  • if scanned, at 300 dpi (where possible).

Submitting your report

Submit your report electronically using one of the options below.

  • Save to a secure download site (such as Accellion, LiquidFiles, or Dropbox) and email us the link at (preferred option).
  • Save to an encrypted USB or CD/DVD and send to Overseas Investment Office, PO Box 5501,
    Wellington (Note: Electronic media will be securely destroyed after use).
  • Email to (maximum 10MB per email).

Please do not provide a hard copy version of your report.

If we need more information after reviewing your report, we will ask you for it.

Contact us if you have any questions about this template or your consent generally.

Contact the Overseas Investment Office

Last Updated: 31 May 2021