Decision number200610001
Application number200520127/200710007
Date13 January 2006/17 December 2007
Offeror/applicantLewis (Andrew John and Jayne) of United Kingdom
Ultimate applicant beneficial ownership100 percent - United Kingdom
Beneficial overseas ownership 
- Asset current0 percent
- Asset proposed100 percent
- Share currentN/A
- Share proposedN/A
Offeree(s)/seller(s)Fisher (David Lavington and Tracy) and Falloon & Co Trustees Limited as trustees of the Cloverdale Trust of New Zealand
Business activitiesAgriculture - Grain, Sheep, Beef, Cattle - Crop Farming
Details of land involved230.9284 hectares of freehold situated at 1898 Mitcham Road, Rakaia, Canterbury being CTs 93820, 93821, and CB22K/233 (Canterbury Registry).
Regions involvedCanterbury
Total consideration$5,117,809
Consent soughtTo acquire an interest in land which, either alone or together with any associated land of that type, is or includes non-urban land and exceeds 5 hectares in area.

The application has been approved as it met the criteria.

The Overseas Investment Office is satisfied that the Applicants have business experience and acumen relevant to and are demonstrating financial commitment towards the investment.  The Overseas Investment Office is further satisfied that the Applicants are good character and not the kind of persons referred to in section 7(1) of the Immigration Act 1987.

The Applicants have received approval from the New Zealand Immigration Service for New Zealand Work Visas under the Work to Residence Long Term Business Visa category. The Applicants intend to reside permanently in New Zealand and propose to acquire the subject property as a permanent residence. The Applicants intend to irrigate the property to enable the existing mixed cropping regime to be intensified for specialist small seed production. A pig fattening operation, which is currently not in operation, will be recommissioned by the Applicants.

ContactMr AJ & Mrs J Lewis
1898 Mitcham Road
RD 14