DecisionConsent granted
Section 12(a) Overseas Investment Act 2005
Decision MakerOverseas Investment Office
Decision Date9 August 2019
InvestmentAn overseas investment in sensitive land, being the Applicant's acquisition of a freehold interest in 736.2195 hectares of land at 450 Mohaka Coach Road, Kotemaori, Wairoa (the Land).
ApplicantGrandy Lake Forest (NZ) Limited
Gemmingen-Hornberg family, Germany (100%)
VendorWhaitirinui Farm Limited
New Zealand (100%)

The Applicant has applied for consent under the special test relating to forestry activities set out in section 16A(4) of the Act.

The Applicant is a company that has been investing in forestry in New Zealand for 18 years.  The Applicant owns a forestry block that adjoins the Land and is acquiring the Land to develop it into a commercial forest.

The Applicant intends to develop approximately 496 hectares of the Land into a commercial forest.  There is also an existing pre-1990 forest area of approximately 48 hectares of mixed poplar/willow stands that will be retained and/or replanted in alternative species tree crops.

The Applicant does not intend to clear the existing areas of pioneer indigenous forest and indigenous vegetation.

More informationJonathan Norman
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