New Zealand welcomes overseas direct investment in residential land and offers several ways to do this.

Please note that, even if you do not need consent, you may need to notify the Overseas Investment Office of the acquisition of a business, business assets or an increase in ownership of a business even if the transaction does not include significant business assets and consent would not normally be required.

Temporary emergency notification requirement

Overseas investors can apply to the Overseas Investment Office for consent to use residential land for development. There are different consent options, depending on what the investor wants to do with the land.

It is also possible to combine different options in one consent.

You cannot use any of the following consents if you want to buy a home to live in, or you want to invest in land that is residential, but is also sensitive for other reasons.

For more information about each of the available consents for developing residential land, follow the links below.

Consents for increasing housing

Developing new residential buildings on land that is classed as residential or lifestyle, including long-term accommodation facilities and associated development works.

Consents for non-residential use

Using land that is classed as residential or lifestyle for a non-residential purpose, such as building a supermarket, offices, a shopping mall or a hotel.

Consents for incidental use

Using residential land in support of your business. Examples could be as residential housing for staff if no reasonable alternative exists, or as buffer land.

Investing in apartments

Exemptions for large apartment developments and buying apartments off the plans.

Investing in hotel units

Buying hotel units as an investment. 

Last Updated: 16 June 2020