This page provides a register of discretionary exemptions

Exemptions granted in 2022

Case numberDateApplicantLaw firm
20210015315 February 2022Oyster Property Group Limited (PDF 144KB)Russell McVeagh


Exemptions granted in 2021

Case numberDateApplicantLaw firm
20200091428 September 2021Craigmore Sustainables NZ Limited (PDF 155KB)Lefever Law
20210054121 September 2021Ventia Services Group Pty Limited (PDF 109KB)Bell Gully
2021003729 August 2021Laurent Jean Pierre Le Breton and Sarah Renault (PDF 122KB)Whitlock Williams
20200082616 March 2021Withheld under Section 9(2)(a) of the Official Information Act (PDF 640KB)Woodward Chrisp Lawyers

Exemptions granted in 2020

Case numberDateApplicantLaw firm
20200018012 June 2020David McIntyre (PDF 122KB)Duncan Cotterill
2019006748 April 2020Withheld under Section 9(2)(a) of the Official Information Act (PDF 207KB)Cockcroft Law Limited
20190049526 February 2020Daiwa Energy & Infrastructure Co Ltd (DOCX 63KB)Bell Gully

Exemptions granted in 2019

Case numberDateApplicantLaw Firm
20190039518 December 2019Oregon Group Limited (PDF 108KB)Glaister Ennor
20181034417 May 2019Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation (PDF 138KB)Simpson Grierson
20190016613 May 2019Vodafone Europe B.V. (PDF 134KB)Bell Gully
20190001230 April 2019RCNZ A Trust, RCNZ B Trust and RCNZ C Trust (PDF 71KB)Russell McVeagh

Exemptions granted in 2018

Case numberDateApplicantLaw Firm
20172012721 October 2018Morris Salomon Kahn (PDF 61KB)John Williamson
20171011710 September 2018Sanford Limited (PDF 63KB)Chapman Tripp
2018100846 July 2018First State Infrastructure Managers (International) Limited & Colonial First State Infrastructure Managers (Australia) Pty Limited (PDF 70KB)Bell Gully
20181004016 March 2018Adamantem Capital Fund I Trust 1A, acting by and through its Trustee and Manager (PDF 118KB)Buddle Findlay

Exemptions granted in 2017

Case numberDateApplicantLaw Firm
2017200176 September 2017CDL Hotels Holdings New Zealand Limited (PDF 72 KB)Bell Gully
20171008814 June 2017Flexi Cards Limited (PDF 76 KB) Bell Gully
2017100063 April 2017Sargon Capital Pty Limited (PDF 70.53 KB)Bell Gully

Exemptions granted in 2016

Case numberDateApplicantLaw Firm
20162007222 December 2016Genesis Energy Limited (PDF 90.97 KB)Russell McVeagh
20162006519 December 2016Complectus Group (PDF 116.51 KB)Russell McVeagh
2016200331 November 2016Flexi Cards Limited(PDF 42.46 KB)Mayne Wetherell
20162003518 October 2016Inghams SaleCo Limited (PDF 41.88 KB)Bell Gully
20161011930 September 2016Sterling Grace (NZ) Limited (PDF 39.6 KB)Chapman Tripp
2016200076 September 2016Contact Energy Limited (PDF 40.1 KB)n/a
20161008724 August 2016Falvey Orchards LP (PDF 50.3 KB)Bell Gully
20161007728 June 2016Solid Energy New Zealand Limited(PDF 39.7 KB)Simpson Grierson
20161006120 June 2016APN News & Media Limited (PDF 38.7 KB)Quigg Partners
20161005029 March 2016FNZ Custodians Limited (PDF 94.82 KB)Russell McVeagh
20161004624 March 2016Custodial Services Limited (PDF 94.75 KB)Russell McVeagh

Exemptions granted in 2014

Case numberDateApplicantLaw Firm
20141002610 March 2014First NZ Capital Securities Limited, Credit Suisse (Australia) ltd & UBS New Zealand Ltd (PDF 1.05 MB)Buddle Findlay

Exemptions granted in 2013

Case numberDateApplicantLaw Firm
20132006413 December 2013AMCOR Limited (PDF 190.73 KB)Chapman Tripp
20132001819 September 2013The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited (PDF 120.29 KB)Bell Gully
20132002116 September 2013Deutsche Bank AG, Craigs Investment Partners Ltd, Goldman Sachs New Zealand Limited, Macquarie Capital (New Zealand) Limited & Macquarie Securities (NZ) Limited (PDF 86.32 KB)Buddle Findlay
20132003012 September 2013Brambles Ltd (PDF 189 KB)Bell Gully
2013100334 April 2013Credit Suisse (Australia) Limited, Goldman Sachs New Zealand Limited, Macquarie Securities (NZ) Limited and First NZ Capital Securities Ltd (PDF 326.93 KB)Russell McVeagh

Exemptions granted in 2011

Case numberDateApplicantLaw Firm
20111009518 July 2011Telecom Corporation of New Zealand Limited, Chorus Limited (PDF 73.09 KB)Russell McVeagh
20102013014 February 2011Foster's Group Limited, Treasury Wine Estates Limited (PDF 115.6 KB)Chapman Tripp
Last Updated: 14 March 2022