Overseas people must get consent through the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) before they can invest in New Zealand’s non-residential sensitive land.

More information about investing in sensitive land 

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Use this page to learn more about investing in land that is classed as sensitive for reasons other than being ‘residential or lifestyle’. 

Investors who need consent:

  • generally aren’t New Zealand citizens, and they don’t ordinarily live here.
  • are other entities, such as companies, trusts and joint ventures, with more than 25% overseas ownership or control.
  • can include associates (including New Zealanders) of overseas investors.

You may also need to notify the Overseas Investment Office of the acquisition of a business, business assets or an increase in ownership of a business even if the transaction does not include significant business assets and consent would not normally be required. 

Temporary emergency notification requirement

To learn more about investing in residential land or getting consent to buy one home to live in, use these links:

What is non-residential sensitive land?

You may hear land that is ‘sensitive, but not residential’ being referred to as land that is ‘otherwise sensitive’.

Learn about this type of sensitive land here.

About this consent

Proposed investments must meet criteria in the Overseas Investment Act 2005 (for ‘sensitive’ land and high value businesses). This will usually require investors to establish their business experience, that they are of good character and, for sensitive land, demonstrate the benefits to New Zealand of their investment. The OIO publishes all decisions made on applications.

Anyone making an application should seek expert legal and land advice as early as possible.

Read Seeking expert advice

Investors must provide us with truthful and complete information about themselves and their investment plans. They must also keep the commitments they made when applying for consent.

Application templates and online submissions

Application templates for sensitive land that is not residential

Online submission for other sensitive land applications.

Last Updated: 16 June 2020