PositioNZ-PP - GNSS Post-processing service

Step 1/4: Setup job

Use this form to submit GPS RINEX data for processing by the LINZ PositioNZ online GPS processing service. For more information about this service see the help

Note: Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) does not provide a warranty of any kind with respect to the PositioNZ-PP service. In no event shall LINZ be liable for loss of any kind whatsoever with respect to the availability or use of this service, or the accuracy of any results obtained from it. Data submitted to PositioNZ-PP may be retained indefinitely by LINZ for testing the PositioNZ-PP service.

If you would like your data to be used to add an Order 6 Cadastral Survey Network mark to Landonline, follow these instructions

Please enter your email address. This will be used to send results to you.
The title of the processing job will be used to refer to the job in correspondence.

If you are experiencing difficulties or would like to submit feedback on the PositioNZ-PP service you may contact LINZ by:

  • emailing us at crm_geodetic@linz.govt.nz with "PositioNZ-PP Issue" or "PositioNZ-PP Feedback" in the subject line, or
  • calling customer support: 0800 665 463