Prioritising Landonline enhancements

The Landonline enhancements prioritisation Wiki is a tool that was originally created to allow Landonline customers to be involved in prioritising enhancements to Landonline.

Legacy Landonline maintenance is now limited to changes that are necessary to keep legacy Landonline fully functional and supported until replaced by our more modern new Landonline Applications.

This Wiki/tool remains available for reference but is no longer actively used to assist prioritisation of legacy Landonline enhancements.

Please also note that server upgrades have also meant that the Wiki is now only accessible to Landonline users who have a two-year Digital Certificate..

When using the wiki, customers need to log in from the computer that they use for Landonline. The website checks for the presence of a two-year Landonline digital certificate in the web browser and if a valid digital certificate does not exist it will either return an ‘SSL connection error’ or ‘this page cannot be displayed’ message. This is intended to ensure the wiki is only used for useful discussions between LINZ and Landonline customers.

As a Landonline customer, you can:

  • suggest a new enhancement
  • add to and change an existing suggested enhancement
  • enter comments on or discuss any suggested enhancement
  • indicate how important a suggested enhancement is to you by ranking it
  • suggest the order for the top 10 ranked enhancements during the voting period.

Find out how to access, use and make suggestions in the Wiki

Access the Landonline enhancement prioritisation Wiki

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