Registration guideline for the Marine and Coastal Area Act 2011 - LINZG20726

This document contains guidance on the requirements of the Act and the Resource Management Act 1991.

Document Status: Current
Document Number: 20726
Regulatory Area: Land titles
Document Type: Guideline
Published date: 14 August 2013


  • cancelling computer freehold registers (CFRs) that wholly or partly comprise land in the common marine and coastal area, and issuing replacement CFRs for adjacent land and computer interest registers for interests and notifications affecting the common marine and coastal area,
  • recording that land has become part of the common marine and coastal area on deposit of survey plans of subdivision,
  • issuing computer registers (CRs) for reclaimed land formed from the common marine and coastal area and dealing with those CRs.

This guideline references the Rules for Cadastral Survey 2010 (CSR 2010). The Cadastral Survey Rules 2021 (CSR 2021) came into effect on 30 August 2021. During the six-month transition period (30 August 2021 to 25 February 2022) Cadastral Survey Datasets (CSDs) may be certified and lodged in terms of the CSR 2010 or the CSR 2021.