Caveats and Other Stops on Registration Guideline 2018 – LINZG20773

The Land Transfer Act 2017, regulations and other legislation allow, in certain circumstances, dealings with land to be prevented or restricted. In those circumstances, instruments (referred to in this guideline as legal “stops”) may be lodged for entry in the Register.

Document Status: Current
Document Number: 20773
Regulatory Area: Land titles
Document Type: Guideline
Published date: 14 November 2018

This guideline is to assist individuals to understand the statutory requirements and procedures governing the following forms of stop notice:

  • caveats,
  • notices of claim under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976,
  • statutory land charges,
  • charging orders, and
  • other stops (eg freezing orders).

Note that the Registrar is only required to ensure that a caveat complies on its face with the requirements of the Act.