Standard for New Zealand Geodetic Datum 2000 Projections: Version 2 - LINZS25002

This standard replaces the version published on 16 November 2007.

Document Status: Current
Document Number: 25002
Regulatory Area: Geodetic
Document Type: Standards
Published date: 24 July 2008

This version incorporates corrections and amendments and the main changes are summarised on page 2 of the standard.

A fundamental element of a geodetic system is a national geodetic datum. To enable data collected in terms of geodetic datum to be portrayed on a map, map projections are required.

This standard defines several map projections in terms of the New Zealand Geodetic Datum 2000. These projections can be used for the provision and display of cadastral, topographic, and hydrographic data for New Zealand, its offshore islands, and continental shelf.

Spatial data provided to and supplied by LINZ must comply with this standard when it is referenced by map coordinates in terms of the NZGD2000 projections.

This standard may be used by other users of spatial data. Any person claiming conformance with this standard must use the parameters defining NZGD2000 map projections as specified in this standard.