Interim guideline to aspects of survey requirements applicable to Māori land surveys - LINZG65703

The main purpose of this guideline is to provide guidance to the Māori Land Court on survey matters as they relate to Māori land surveys and the Rules for Cadastral Survey issued by the Surveyor-General.

Document Status: Interim
Document Number: 65703
Regulatory Area: Cadastral
Document Type: Guideline
Published date: 24 January 2014

Rules for Cadastral Survey

Related information on the Māori Land Court requirements, the Registrar-General of Land's requirements and LINZ processes have also been included for some topics. This information will also be of assistance to licensed cadastral surveyors who carry out Māori land cadastral surveys.

Feedback on the guideline is welcome. Updated versions of the guideline will be published based on feedback received, and it is important that you always refer to the website for the most up-to-date version.