Lancaster (mountain)

Proposed name


Current name


Why is this being proposed?

To make this name in long term use official.


  • NZGB proposal report for Lancaster Creek and Mount Lancaster (PDF 493KB) – The NZGB considered this proposal report to assign an existing recorded place name as official at its meeting on 18 October 2019. Some of the recommendations are edited to reflect the NZGB’s decision. The proposal is notified for one month so that the public can make submissions supporting or objecting to it.

See the File attachments section below for the report that the NZGB considered.


See the File attachments section below for the media release for these proposals.

Make a submission

This proposal is open for public submissions until 20 December 2019. To make a submission:

post a letter to the Secretary of the New Zealand Geographic Board, c/o Land Information New Zealand, PO Box 5501, Wellington 6145