What is proposed?

The proposals are to:

  • Correct the position of Mount Milne from NZTopo50-CA09 056461 to NZTopo50-CB09 054458,
  • Correct the position of Mount Tarewai from NZTopo50-CB09 054458 to NZTopo50-CB09 052455,
  • Alter Mount Mahere to Mount Makere and correct the position from NZTopo50-CB09 052455 to NZTopo50-CB09 053446,
  • Alter Waitiri (peak) to Whaitiri, and correct the position from NZTopo50-CB09 053446 to NZTopo-CB09 050434,
  • Assign Pikipari Pass to the pass at NZTopo50-CB09 051451.

The features are in the Darran Mountains, northeast of Milford Sound (locality), Fiordland.

Because the proposals to correct positions affect one another submissions will be taken on the proposals together.

A further name Pakihaukea Pass is already official (NZ Gazette 1949 (48) p.858) but incorrectly depicted on NZTopo50-CB09. The position will be corrected to NZTopo50-CB09 052437 without public consultation.


NZGB proposal report for five proposals in Darran Mountains, Fiordland (PDF 566KB)

The Board considered this proposal report at its hui on 22 July 2021. The proposals are notified for one month so that the public can make submissions supporting or objecting to them.


See the File attachments section for the media advisory for these proposals.


Map showing place name changes in the Darran Mountains

Submissions now closed

This proposal was open for public submission from 26 August 2021 to 30 September 2021.

Submissions are now closed.