Final decisions on geographic names.

Notice of the final determinations of the Minister for Land Information on official geographic names

Gazetted on 13 October 2021


Official geographic name

Geographic feature type and description

Mount Axford

A 1720m peak approximately 1km northwest of Lake Victoria in the Kepler Mountains, Fiordland. NZTopo50-CD07 650563. New name assigned as official.


A general area that includes Wellington Botanic Garden and extends to the reserves and facilities around it including Bolton Street Memorial Park to the northeast and the Wellington Cable Car buildings to the south. NZTopo50-BQ31 480284. New name assigned as official.

Te Korowhakaunu / Kanáris Sound

A fiord centred at NZTopo50-CF05 125909. Altered from Te Korowhakaunu / Cunaris Sound (Official by New Zealand Gazette, 17 October 2019, Notice No. 2019-ln4767).


Last Updated: 12 October 2021