Assigned and altered geographic names

Gazetted on 14 July 2022

Notice of the final determinations of the Minister for Land Information on official geographic names (3)

Official Geographic NameGeographic feature type and description
Lake McKinnonA lake in Fiordland National Park approximately 10km from the head of Taitetimu / Caswell Sound and 8.5km west-northwest of the head of South West Arm, Lake Manapouri. NZTopo50-CC07 584887. Altered from Lake Mackinnon (recorded name).
Omanui / McKinnon PassAn alpine pass on the Milford Track, between Mount Hart and Mount Balloon, approximately 19km southwest of Milford Sound (locality). NZTopo50-CB08 861256. Altered from Mackinnon Pass (recorded name).
Te Horohoroinga-o-ngā-ringa-o-KahumatamomoeA range west of Horohoro (locality) extending for 6.4km from NZTopo50-BF37 763645 to NZTopo50-BF36 735588. New name assigned as official.

Notice of a final determination to alter a geographic feature name (1)

Official geographic nameGeographic feature type and description
Skerretts CreekA small stream flowing from the northern slopes of McKerrow generally northwards for approximately 2.9km to its confluence with Wainuiomata River in Wainuiomata. NZTopo50-BQ32 650275. Altered from Skerrets Creek (formerly official by New Zealand Gazette, 10 December 2019, Notice No. 2019-ln5662).
Last Updated: 14 July 2022